Our Portfolio

We invest in innovative, high growth businesses that disrupt their markets. Below is our current portfolio of investments. We actively support the founders and board to accelerate growth.

Skin Analytics - Artificial Intelligence to speed up the detection of skin cancer.

JustWears - A disruptive, direct to consumer underwear brand for men.

Kobble Furniture -  Direct to consumer customised furniture.

Semier Events - Altitude London and London Skybar events space operator.

Rovco - Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for subsea infrastructure.

Vochlea - Artificial Intelligence to turn your voice into instruments.

Tethered Drone Systems - A drone on a wire that can fly 24 hours a day.

Tethir - Free space optics for laser-based optical communication.

Auroch Digital - An indie video games development studio.

ChAI - using AI to forecast commodities price risk

Rafful - mobile raffle app that rewards people who give to good causes